If you intend to make an application for Vehicles, Reenactors and Living History, or Non-Trading Exhibits, applications are online only unless there are exceptional circumstances which prevent this. You will require an email address to make an application. If you do not have one, please consider creating a free email account with google.

For some, this may appear to be making things more difficult but please understand this is intended to make things easier for everyone involved. Paper forms are not only more expensive to deal with, they are also considerably more time consuming, are more prone to becoming lost, and for mistakes to occur.

You will need to create an account on this website, and then fill out the online form. You will receive a near instant confirmation of your application and will be able to edit your application at any time via the website should anything change.

As trade exhibits are contracts and require payment, trader applications are for the time being offline/paper based.

Reenactors and Living History