Please see below a list of Groups and Organisations who have made applications.

This list will be updated periodically with the information made available to us. Some groups may be omitted, and unofficial groups may not be listed.

Name of Group Confict/Era Biography Website
Second Battle Group WWII

1st Liebstandarte Panzer Division Waffen SS
The Lone RAT WW2 Allied 8th Army 1941-43

I am a WWII 8th Army enthusiast My father served in North Africa 1941-1943 and and my display is a desert display is a homage to him and all other desert rats. My display has 8th Army information and depicts a machine gun emplacement and mine field typical of the conflict.
6th Guards Airborne Division WWII

Our mission is to portray the daily life of the average Soviet paratrooper assigned to the 6th Guards Airborne Division during WW2 as accurately and safely as possible for the educational benefit.
1st Bn The Dorsetshire Regiment LHA ww2

Portraying a mortar platoon from an ordinary county regiment

514th Red Ball Express WW2

The 514th Q.M. Truck Regiment Re-enactment Group is a group of friends who started collecting U.S. military vehicles and equipment of World War II some years ago. In July 2004 at the Beltring War & Peace Show we came up with the idea to start a new WWII re-enactment group to show the organization, hard work and bravery of the men of the 514th Quartermaster Truck Regiment, how they supplied Patton's army with fuel, ammo, rations and just about everything else that was needed in their advance across Northern France.
This operation was known as "The Red Ball Express"
Soviet Front Great Patriotic War (WW2)

The Soviet Front primarily portrays the rifle regiments of the 58th Guards Rifle Division, the division that famously were the first to link up with the Americans on the Elbe, whilst maintaining the flexibility to portray other specialist troops such as assault engineers, partisans/workers militia, scouts, motorised and even mechanised troops. Our aim is to educate the public in the life of the soldiers and civilians of the Soviet Union in their struggle against the fascist invaders during the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945).

Volkssturm-V3 Second World War (April 1945)

The Volkssturm-V3 recreates a late war unit of the Volkssturm, circa April – May 1945. Effectively the equivalent of the British Home Guard, the Volkssturm were originally created in October 1944 as a desperate last ditch defence for Germany. They enrolled anyone, ranging from young boys of 14 through to men aged over 60, even women joined their ranks as the end approached. Equally, they were uniformed and equipped with a mishmash of anything that was available, often just an armband and a few rounds of ammunition each. They found themselves thrown into hopeless situations, comprehensively outgunned as they pitched rifles and obsolete machine guns against tanks and aircraft.
Ex Military Land Rover Association All of them!

To demonstrate the versatility and wide range of applications of the Land Rover in the military we welcome members with any type of LandRover vehicle and accessories including working (deactivated) weapons, radios etc.
WW2 allied air forces ww2

To represent polish and british air forces of WW2.

French army reenactment group Algeria / 1950's and 1960's

To represent the common French national service individual in the field in post war conflicts.
Seal Team SARD (Sierra Alpha Reenactment & Display Group) 2003 to present

US Navy Seal team re-enactment group that displays at various military shows around the country.
Follow us on Facebook - & IG sealteam_s.a.r.d
Fallschirmjäger Kampfgruppe WWII

We have a fully equipped Funker ( communication) post with a variety or field radios, encryption machine, field telephone exchange & a full Schreibstube.
We also have a fully equipped field hospital along with surgeon & nurses

Live Historians WW2

We portray sniper training and a sniper team., with a camp, 'firing range' and examples of camouflage techniques. This display could involve the firing of blank ammunition with the organisers' agreement.

Panzer Lehr Living History Group WII

We represent Panzer Lehr regiment 902, who were formed at the end of 1943. They were sent to Normandy at the beginning of 1944 to equip and train in readiness for the expected allied invasion. The unit was made up of experienced Officers and NCO's from the training and demonstration units based in Germany ( these were soldiers who had fought in earlier campaigns such as France and Russia ) and new recruits. As they were the brain child of Heinz Guderian they were equipped with the best Germany could offer including Panther Tanks and the latest Half Tracks, the unit was fully mechanized.
Hermann goring division WW2 / 39 to 45

WW2 German Red cross field dressing station and Luftwaffe field division staging area

11 Bravo living history vietnam war
FJR6 Green Devils of Carentan WW2
82nd airborne Living History Group (vietnam) Vietnam
Garrison Artilery Volounteers WWI
US 29th infantry WW2
On parade WW2
Hang tough 506th ww2
Name of Group Biography Website

Mission Statement of the Portsmouth Model Boat Display Team
The aims of the Portsmouth Model Boat Display Team are as follows;

• To present radio controlled and static modelling displays to the public as a form of entertainment and in the main to encourage ongoing interest in military historical events by delivering on water and land based pyrotechnic displays.
• To encourage and promote the development of model boating and modelling as a hobby within the community of Portsmouth and Hampshire, with an emphasis on developing and promoting young people’s awareness of modelling in general
• To support the work of the National Museum of the Royal Navy by developing further our displays to mirror and compliment the museums themes and interests going forward.
• We will endeavour to present the hobby to the best standard possible.

We are committed to using the clubs facilities to;

• Support all club members’ ongoing interests in modelling in general.
• Build young people’s self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth through involvement in model making and displaying.
• Help young people discover purpose, develop vision and learn new skills.
• Include young people of all abilities and enable young people to have fun in a safe environment.
Southern Armour Group

Radio Controlled Military models of various scales including 1/6 & 1/12, most models have authentic movements and sounds.
Included in our area will be the Seymour family with there scratch built 1/4 scale Scammell Pioneer Recovery Truck and 1/4 scale Rolls Royce armoured Car

The D-Day Story, Portsmouth

The D-Day Story is a museum that explores the history of D-Day and the Normandy Landings, covering events from the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940 to the Liberation of Paris in 1944 ~ events which took place in both the UK and France.

In addition the museum looks at the impact of D-Day on those who took part as well as contemporary themes such as D-Day in popular culture.

Our story is underpinned by the personal accounts and experiences of those who took part. We care for over 10,000 items – preserving, researching and acquiring objects to share with the public through exhibitions, workshops and other activities.
Royal British Legion Riders and Royal British Legion Solent

The Royal British Legion Riders were formed in 2004 and is an National Branch of the Royal British Legion. Starting off with only 14 members we now number 5600 members across the country. Our aim is to raise awareness of The Royal British Legion, support the charitable aims of the Royal British Legion and to raise money for the Poppy Appeal.