Please see below a list of Groups and Organisations who have made applications.

This list will be updated periodically with the information made available to us. Some groups may be omitted, and unofficial groups may not be listed.

Name of Group Confict/Era Biography Website
514th Red Ball Express WW2

514th Red Ball Express DEPOT

Panzer Lehr Re-enactment Group WW11

An elite german panzer division formed from the teachers of training schools of the german army to meet the allied invasion of France.
90ID World War 2

As a group, we strive for high accuracy and authenticity, we aim to be consistent in how we look as we portray the unit, all kit orders are thoroughly researched and will have references and reason behind them. The foundation of why we do this hobby is to honour the men who gave their lives for us today.

Hermann Goring Division WW2

Hermann Goring Division were a Luftwaffe Armoured Division made up of Armoured units and Panzer Grenadiers as well as various other units including the Fuhrer train Flak unit , they had multiple roles through out the War they fought in Russia , Tunisia , Sicily , Italy , Central Europe ,

Ww2 allied forces ww2

Mainly represent Polish Air force in WW2

French Army Reenactment Group NATO immediate postwar

The FARG represent the common French soldier in the field during the 1960's in a context of a cavarly unit on a NATO exercise in 1962

Volkssturm-V3 Second World War

The Volkssturm-V3 recreates a late war unit of the Volkssturm, circa April – May 1945. Effectively the equivalent of the British Home Guard, the Volkssturm were originally created in October 1944 as a desperate last-ditch defence for Germany. They enrolled anyone, ranging from young boys of 14 through to men aged over 60, even women joined their ranks as the end approached. Equally, they were uniformed and equipped with a mishmash of anything that was available, often just an armband and a few rounds of ammunition each.

Volkssturm-V3 has a living history display that presents to the public the weapons, clothing and associated equipment utilised by the Volkssturm-V3. Our members tell the story of these formations and explain the weapons and equipment and answer any questions the public may have. It is a highly interactive display. We also take the field as a unit of volkssturm, all members have firearms certificates and participate accordingly in recreated combat circa WW2.
The Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1914 - 1918 Living History Group. 2nd Boer War c1901

The Warwicks 1900 - 1918 are a dedicated Living History Group formed to perpetuate the memory of the Great War soldier. Our aim is to portray the Royal Warwickshire Regiment soldier from 1900 to 1918 though dynamic displays and living history.

We parade as a Regular Infantry section from the 1st Battalion the Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

Regular training days are held to ensure drills are kept up to standard and that kit is correct. All our members are enthusiastic about the period and many have ties with the Warwickshire Regiment or Armed Forces.

Events are held are various locations throughout the country and we can be booked for a specific occasion, event, film work or to give advice.
Three Sixty History American forces in Mogadishu, Somalia 1993

​Three Sixty History is a project designed to break the mould of living history.

Established in 2011, bringing together enthusiasts, former military personnel and creative industry members who were no longer satisfied with the current state of living history, Three Sixty History set about redefining what it meant to educate, honour and entertain through re-enactment.

Creating exciting and engaging educational projects across the UK, with their multi-award winning, explosive, live-action scenarios and highly immersive, detailed dioramas.

Their most popular display depicting events of 'The Battle of Mogadishu' continues to grow in popularity and the project is fully supported by actual US Forces Mogadishu veterans.
Men of Arnhem ww2

to keep alive the memory and do justice to the sacrifice that all people made, military and civilian, in those dark days in WW2

Glider Riders Living History Group WWII

To remember the members of the forgotten side of the Airborne brotherhood.
The Lone Rat WW2 North Africa

We an 8th army enthusiasts, paying homage to the Desert Rats who fought Rommel in North Africa1941-1943. In this period my father served in the Royal Army Service Corps in North Africa.
The soviet front & 10th guards army renenactors The great patriotic war (1941-45)

We are a group of Red Army re-enactors who enjoy portraying the rarely acknowledged contributions of the Soviet Union in the defeat of Nazi germany.

367 Corps of Military Police LHG WW2

We represent and remeber the Corps of military police by faithfully reperesenting a vechile checkpoint and road block, checking ID's and searching for spys

US military police ETO

World War II

Northern France (25 July – 14 September 44)(General Order (GO) #102, War Department (WD), 9 Nov 45)
Rhineland (15 September 1944 – 21 March 1945 (GO #118, WD, 12 December 1945)
Ardennes-Alsace (16 December 1944 – 25 January 1945 (GO #63, Department of the Army, 20 September 1948)
Central Europe (22 March 1945 – 11 May 1945 (GO #116, WD, 11 December, 45)
Days of combat: 190
Distinguished Unit Citations: 3

5th Rangers E Co US Infantry WW2
Fallschirmjager Kampfgruppe WWII
Martin Ayling WW11
Live Historians WW2
FJR6 Green Devils of Carentan WW2 1943-1944
SEAL Team S.A.R.D. 2001 - 2010
Hang tough 506th ww2
On Parade WW2
Second Battle Group WW2
Screaming Eagles LHG WWIII
Ubique Right of the Line (Artillery through the Ages) WW1, WW2 and Cold War
39-45 remembered ww2
29th infantry C company WW2
Past History Great War & WW2
Name of Group Biography Website
Pat the Photografriar

Freelance photographer. Copies of images made available free-of-charge & without watermarks/logos to organisers & those involved in the event via Facebook. For examples of work see "Pat Patrick" on FB (friend request required as many albums are friends only). I have covered this event previously. I have PLI & all expenses covered by myself.

Royal British Legion Riders

We are a National Branch of the Royal British Legion formed in 2004 with initially 12 members and now number nearly 6000 members across the UK and abroad. We are brought together by our enthusiasm for motorcycling, and our willingness to support the aims and charitable efforts of The Royal British Legion.

We are wearing US Army 35th Infantry Division uniforms and badges, and our jeep wears Kellys Heroes jeep markings.

Southern Armour Group